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KarmYog for 21st Century Foundation has set up “OmniDEL Green Village ” as a unique 10 acre educational environment in the heart of the bustling megalopolis of New Town, Kolkata. This has been conceived as a Shantiniketan of the 21st Century, where tradition meets modernity in the lap of nature. KarmYog Foundation is led by Shri sourabh J. sarkar, a pioneering educationist with over 25 years experience in implementing a variety of educational projects and programs around the globe. The Foundation has developed a week boarding schooling that is driven by it’s award-winning OmniDEL™ pedagogical model. KarmYog Gunakul---synthesizing the best of eastern and western educational thinking---is set to launch in the academic year of 2017.


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Mahacharya Speaks

The challenges and opportunities that confront mankind in the age of information

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Words from Gunamata

Our conventional schooling system is more or less an obsolete remnant of our colonial past. ......
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Gunakul- The Vision

The vision of KarmYog Gunakul is to equip the future generations with opportunities .......

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